January 9-12, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


January 9-12, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Childcare was on easy street

The Pandemic Hit and Childcare Changes FOREVER

We Began to Rebuild

we INTENTIONALLY take back our CHILDCARE business and have
extreme SUCCESS and GROWTH!

we INTENTIONALLY take back our CHILDCARE business and have extreme SUCCESS and GROWTH!

The year to take back your Childcare Business!

The year to take back your Childcare Business!

2023 we INTENTIONALLY take back  

our CHILDCARE business and HAVE

extreme SUCCESS and GROWTH!

2023 we 



 business and Have



We are all happy for a


Each new year brings


2022 had some unexpected challenges and blessings and we would be foolish to NOT stop and focus on what we need to focus on for our intentions for 2023.

Childcare is CHANGING! Our old ways of doing Childcare must evolve. PIVOT or PERISH!

In fact, there will be many opportunities to grow and expand your childcare empire 2023 and beyond. The rules are changing and we have to be ready to change.
is here to help.
We are hosting a FREE 4-DAY BOOTCAMP to help you create a SUPER EFFECTIVE Childcare Annual Plan.

Who the Plan Your Childcare Year Bootcamp for:

  • Owners and Directors that want to GROW THEIR REVENUE
  • Owners and Directors that want to INCREASE ENROLLMENT
  • ​Owners and Directors that want to MORE TIME FREEDOM
  • Owners and Directors that want to EXPAND THEIR CHILDCARE PROGRAM

Who the Plan Your Childcare Year Bootcamp NOT for:

  • ​Owners and Directors that are lazy and are leaving their business to chance
  • Owners and Directors that are helpless victim of circumstance
  • Owners and Directors that want to stay disorganized and overwhelmed
  • Owners and Directors that want to be overworked and underpaid

a Free 4-Day Challenge designed to help you move you Childcare Business into 2022 with strategy and intention.

Join us daily, 

January 9-12th, at 7:00PM (CST)

for our Bootcamp to prepare you for 2023 and beyond!



A Look into Your Childcare Business 
On Day 1 is your position an effective leader. Its all about looking back and planning ahead for your most productive and profitable year.



People & Processes
The two things that can make your business is PEOPLE and PROCESSES. On Day 2, we will plan how to activate both successfully to optimize your business management.



Before creating our Annual Plan, we must first address your financials and growth. On Day 3, we will then discuss your profit projections.



Annual Planning
We must ensure that we are properly positioned to handle massive business growth.
On Day 4, we will create a rock solid foundation for your Annual Plan.


Brandy Woods-Smith is a charismatic and passionate educator, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant. She is known as a thought leader, change agent, community developer and to many she is hailed the Millionaire Midwife.

Ms. Woods-Smith attended Jarvis Christian College in East Texas. She finished her Master in Education Administration in 2005. After serving the public school system for 13 years, Woods opened Imagine Me Academy in 2013 and now has multiple locations. 

In her quest to help other aspiring entrepreneur achieve success, she founded Powerhouses United and Childcare Millionaires, business incubators designed to give education, resources and teaching financial literacy to entrepreneurs. 

Believe BIG! Expect BIG! Do BIG! is the mantra she lives by. Woods says, “Although BIG is not the most eloquent word, it gets the vision across clearly! With belief in my heart, the work of my hands, and the words in my mouth. I will accomplish what I am commissioned to do: Motivate! Educate! Produce!


is dedicated to

owners and directors

grow and optimize

their childcare 






Kishani Woldberhan
Joining Brandy Woods in the 10 day sprint challenge This week I accomplished alot, cleaned out my office & organized, completed 20 new enrollment folders, organized a new hire system folder, completed my SOP binders all within this week in one location. Will continue this in all locations.
Samantha Zayas
Last night's class was phenomenal on grants so much information was provided so you can create a successful program and apply for free money that is out there. If you have not joined the membership don’t wait any longer. Brandy has all the tools you need. Thank you Brandy Woods and Linda for the amazing course last night.
Francheska Velazquez 
Good morning ! Today for the very 1st time I have picked a key holder teacher that is opening up the Center! I have opened every morning for 2 1/2 years (beside my mom or daughters every once in awhile). But today I have a teacher opening up the center thanks to Brandy Woods classes and for educating me that you work on your business not in it ! I feel so empowered ! New Mindset... Thank you !!!
Tori Skyy
Get in the accelerator membership!!! Brandy Woods just gave us $3600+ of value in the first MASTERCLASS by showing how to create our own curriculums. The 1st session literally has saved me more than 6x what the Accelerator Membership cost and we are just getting started.
Teresa Williams
Awesome Summit! Each Speaker brought something for everyone, just depended on what participants needed at this point in their respective business. Excellent mix of topics relating to what we do! Great job! 
Towana Preston
The online summit was a wealth of knowledge! Speakers were Relatable and did not hold back on dropping gems! I appreciate you Brandy for having the passion to pour into us the childcare providers! Everything was FANTASTIC!! Brandy Woods your the BEST! Speakers was very informative & on point. #childcarepower #excellence
-Tanika Jones Cole
Brandy Woods & the Oh Happy Day Summit is where it all started... 
Lil ole me, a home based family childcare provider from Upstate NY joined the Summit & it really shifted my entire mindset!! I mean all kinds of changes but let me tell ya about Grab n Go.... so I learned about this AMAZING opportunity to help fill a financial gap I was experiencing in my business due to COVID by providing meals to families in my community & being reimbursed for it (with a little extra of course for the extra expenses etc) I was able to bring in about $3k a month that I wouldn’t have even thought about until I heard that lil nugget during the Sunmit.... but also this was a GOLDEN opportunity to market my business during a time when others were crying about “what us gonna dooo ”! Ya see It Takes a Village Family daycare was out feeding families every day, THREE MEALS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!!
To make the long story short I just got a call from a family of NINE CHILDREN, yup you heard me NINE CHILDREN that we have been delivering to and mom wants them to enroll in our program and start TOMORROW!!!! I’m over here SCREAMING YALL!!! The Summit & Accelerator has SERIOUSLY been a game changer for me!! That was the FIFTH call since Friday evening for childcare!! GOD IS SOOO AWESOME & FAITHFUL!! Stay encouraged y’all.... ‘tis the season for growth & comma counting          
-Amanda Kyan Reilley
Everything was fantastic!! I have been to other webinars for child care professionals and although they had great information, the delivery was.... boring... plain... stiff... over-hyped.
Not this one!!! Every single person brought knowledge AND energy!!! So much fun to listen and learn!!! I have never felt compelled to purchase anything from those *other guys*, but I bought EVERYTHING today!!! I can't wait for the next session.
Having said that, I gotta say my favorite part was the idea that Lj Henderson gave about giving some candy when you have a parent fill out the application when they come in for a tour. Such a small thing, but it really sparked some new ideas I can start incorporating when I do tours. I went out a bought a SuperCute PolkADot clipboard, colorful pens and some chocolates right after the the session was over. I waste NO time when I want to implement an idea!!!
I've got a whole bunch of other notes with ideas and information!!! Can't wait for more!!!
Oh, and I won a book too!!! That was pretty cool - I NEVER win anything!!! I love to read to my class and I will never have enough books!!! Thanks Brandy